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Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them!
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 Tier III - Lead Ranks

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PostSubject: Tier III - Lead Ranks   Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:49 pm

Rank Name: Ambassador
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: They are the main lions who will confront the allies and rivals
Quantity: 5

Rank Name: Warlord
Tier Lever: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: They lead the lesser warriors and explain their fighting tactics to the elders and the lords during a spa or before a war.
Quantity: 9

Rank Name: Amans Medicus (Lead Medic)
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: They are the advanced healers and know their herbs better than anyone
Quantity: 9

Rank Name: Lead Shaman (Priest)
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: It is a priests job to communicate with the gods and to receive good and bad omens of the pride.
Quantity: 10

Rank Name: Lead Hunter
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: Lead hunters are not just known for their abilities to know where herds are and know where to get the food from.
Quantity: 10

LSp / LSc
Rank Name: Lead Scout/Spy
Tier Level: Sub High-Tier
Pride Responsibilities: They scout out the areas where mortals and lumens lurk, normally discussed as one themselves. They are the most trusted to embark on these missions.
Quantity: 10

Rank Name: Lead Guard
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: These protect the lords, elders and advisors, as well as command the rest of the prides guards.
Quantity: 10

Rank Name: Lead Assassin
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: Their job is to teach lesser assassins as well as fulfilling their own duties. They get their orders from the lord and the lord only.
Quantity: 10

Rank Name: Lead Den Carer
Tier Level: Sub-High
Pride Responsibilities: They are to teach how to care for the young to the lesser den carers. They also run the orphanage.
Quantity: 10
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Tier III - Lead Ranks
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