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Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them!
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 Events time line

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Lord Vault

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PostSubject: Events time line   Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:39 am


1] A new beginning: The kick off of the pride.
2] Introduction of our forgotten ally: The peace begins
3] The arrival of Ilex Asylo and the [C]apite [L]onis
4] The first threat: Ilex shares his intentions of suffering, torture and massacre with Zafiro and Judge Oblivion upon his discovery
5] The meeting of the two: Ilex follows Zafiro and Judge Oblivion home and introduces himself to Lord Vault, making his intentions clear to the lord he leaves with a single warning: "The beatings will continue"
6] The peace that went wrong: Ilex organised a peace conference with Vault at the summit of the red tree, accompanied by a shaman Wren, Vault met with the insane lion and exchanged ideas that soon turned into insults.
7] The battle of the kings: After ambushing Vault in the outlands Ilex mounted an assault on the elder lord, leaving him battered and withered.
8] The jailbird: In a feeble attempt to escape the clutches of Extollentiam-Fortis Amnesia made a run for it, only to be hunted down by the prides guard Zafiro.
9] Another battle: Ilex and Vault once again battle, with the aid of his fellow pride mates vault was the victor over Ilex.
10] Temporary peace: Agreeing on a temporary peace agreement the leaders went their separate ways and even helped each other in dire needs.
11] "Is she friend or is she foe, oh the lion wonders. Oh the greatest warriors of the earth, this low born guardian of no worth, attacked me in the lands today... Shall I take her head away?" Zafiro battles Ilex and eventually drags him back to camp where he is imprisoned.
12] Escapee two: Ilex escapes from captivity
Now] Peace? Nope: The treaty has been shattered and the war is back on.
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Events time line
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