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Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! Those are the facts of this world! And you will all surrender to them!
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 [E] Zafiro

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Zafiro G


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PostSubject: [E] Zafiro   Wed Feb 25, 2015 9:33 pm

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"Trust is weakness."


o Name: Zafiro (Zaf).
o Surname: [none]
o Gender: Lioness.
o Age: Three years.
o Scent: Coal.

o Pride: Extollentium-Fortis.
o Rank: Guard.
o Ambition: Lead Guard.
o Fantasy: All Royal ranks.

o Mother: Veela.
o Father: Kray.
o Siblings: [none]
o Adopted Caretaker: Machiki.
o Mothered: No cublets.

o Orientation: Bisexual.
o Eyes on: No lion.
o Longing for: No lion.
o Life-mate to: No lion.
o Been Intimate: 0 times.
o Pregnant: No way.

o Respects: Lord Vault, Judge Oblivion, Ilex.
o Appreciates: Wren, Lord Vault, Judge Oblivion, Cinder, Molag Bal, Raven.
o Befriended: [none]

- FOES -
o Dislikes: Many.
o Loathes: Ilex, Amnesia.
o Desires Demise of: [none]

o Snarky.
o Sarcastic.
o Rude.
o Hot-headed.
o Easily angered.
o Manipulative.
o Provocative.
o Occasionally flirtatious.

o Large, intense violet eyes which showcase every emotion, be it fake or real.
o Dusky, sand-coloured and well-kept pelt.
o Lengthy, thin tail with a dark brown tip.
o Usually a nasty, taunting smirk.

A lazy lioness, Zafiro enjoys manipulating others into doing her work for her, allowing her to swim and sunbathe the day away. Her true passion is sarcasm and provoking others into a rage with her words, although she knows when to act seriously and who to avoid pushing over the edge.
Zafiro is hugely possessive of her belongings and personal space; her two main areas of concern being the lock of Ilex's mane gifted to her by Vault and the den roof-top upon which she sits every day.
She is also a large fan of cleanliness, giving herself a thorough wash at least once a day and avoiding mud where she can. This doesn't stop her from plunging into muddy waters for a swim, though.

Zafiro has a rather weak sense of smell, making tracking her worst nightmare. Initially, it seemed as though taking the rank of guard would prevent her from having to track, but she soon found herself having to sniff out an escaped prisoner and even prey.
Lazy herself, Zafiro largely dislikes it when other lions are lazy. Other lions being lazy means that she can't be lazy. Zafiro can't stand anyone who fails to do their duty and interferes with her turn-down time.

Born into a large pride, Zafiro was the only offspring of a male who was not the King. The rest of the pride's young were related by father, and while they did not leave Zafiro out of their games, she often felt out of place. This feeling was amplified as Zafiro's parents were exiled a few months after her birth. They had attempted to overthrow the King and Queen, effectively replacing them. (Later, Zafiro realised that this would have resulted in her becoming a princess, and she was annoyed that they had not succeeded.)
One of the pride's elders, Machiki, took Zafiro under her wing, teaching her to care for herself, carry herself like a Queen and use relentless sarcasm.
Machiki died as Zafiro reached her teen years, and, having no further reason to stay with her birth pride, she set out into the wilderness.
Zafiro spent a little under a year in the wild, living mostly off small prey and fine-tuning her skills before finding Extollentiam-Fortis.

o Physical Health: XXXXX
o Mental Health: XXXXX
o Speed: XXXXX
o Stamina: XXXXX
o Strength: XXXXX
o Agility: XXXXX
o Fighting: XXXXX
o Swimming: XXXXX
o Climbing: XXXXX
o Hunting: XXXXX
o Medicine: XXXXX
o Sight: XXXXX
o Smell: XXXXX
o Hearing: XXXXX
o Taste: XXXXX
o Touch: XXXXX
o Empathy: XXXXX
o Loyalty: XXXXX
o Generosity: XXXXX
o Compassion: XXXXX
o Protectiveness: XXXXX
o Sass: XXXXX
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[E] Zafiro
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