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 Fan Fiction. Ilex <3 Vault

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Ilex CLxL


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PostSubject: Fan Fiction. Ilex <3 Vault   Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:43 pm

He sat at his desk, signing some documents. His stone white eyes looked at the reflection of himself in window across from him. Ilexs fine blond hair had been pushed forward covering his left eye. He wore a dark blue button up shirt, and a pair of black trousers. Periodically he would stand up and pace about his study, patience was a virtue he had never acquired. His eyes darted to the window for a moment seeing a simple wooden carriage just pulling into the front courtyard. A smirk passed across his lips, knowing what was inside of the wooden vehicle. Ilex moved closer to the window and watched intently as two figures stepped out of the carriage. An tall slender creature, who was of no interest to him, and a stong looking man. He growled under his breath as he watched the creature escorted him to the front doors. He wasn't his property yet, but at the same time Ilex didn't like anyone touching his things. He stepped back once he heard the loud knock upon the door echo through out the halls. Immediately he went to his desk and started to put the documents away.

He heard a knock at his study's door "Enter" he said putting away a file in his desk.
Looking up as Sheogorath entered "Yes what is it Sheogorath?" he asked knowing what it was already
"Lepha, here to see you" Sheogorath said.
"Good, may go back to your duties" Ilex said heading to the doorway.
Slowly he walked down the stairs to greet his new 'toy'.

His stone white eyes wandered over, his face held and emotionless expression. The creature bowed and left. Growling and mumbling slander under its gas mask. Which Ilex refused to remember.

As the Creature closed the door behind itself, Ilex pulled his Vault towards him. He cringed slightly at the grip he had on his arm. He didn't have much time to react as he toppled over onto him and he kissed him. He smiled as he broke the kiss. Pushing his body back from his "You tasted even better than I had imagined, but I'm afraid that I might break you, if I were to take your pleasure right away." He knew that he wasn't used to the company of a man.

Vaults eyes looked at him and then back at the floor. He then felt her legs give way unable to find the strength to stand. Quickly Ilex caught him in his strong arms, and lifted him up. He carried him into the dining room and placed him next to the head of the table. He then lowered himself into the chair at the head of the table and looked upon him with a knowing smile. He was imagining what he could do with him. A servant then walked in carrying a tray of food. He set down a bowl of birds nest soup in front of the lord along with a bread basket and a glass of red wine. Another glass of wine was placed in front of Ilex. The servant then bowed and disappeared silently.

"Now... Vault, how have you been?" He said slowly bringing the wine glass up to his lips, and taking a long sip. Watching him as he started to bring a spoon of soup up to his lips trying to be elegant even though he looked like he was starving.

He enjoyed watching him. The sounds of him swallowing and the movements of his throat made him want him more. Ilex knew that he would have him later tonight. That’s when he would have his way with him. But that’s only if he could hold onto his senses that long.

A little bit of the broth drizzled down his chin. But before he had a chance to wipe it off, Ilex had moved his chair closer to him. The quick movement startled him, but as he felt the soft touch of his lips and tongue against his skin, it calmed him. It was a strange feeling, reluctently he returned his kiss.

"So Sweet is what you are, Vault" speaking softly trailing kisses from his lips to his neck. "Um... Ilex, I dont seem to understand whats going on..." he said trying to hold a moan of pleasure back. Not wanting to do anything to offend him. At that moment sheogorath entered and cleared his throat softly. A low growl of annoyance came from Ilex as he broke away from Vault, and looked at the assassin in front of him. "I hope you have a good reason for interrupting" he said angrily.

"Lex, you have received a summons from Oblivion. She wish's for you to join him in the council immediately." Sheogorath said, trying to sound respectful to his new master.

Ilex sighed both upset and annoyed. He then looked at Vault and smiled "I will see you later tonight" he said kissing him gently before handing him over to Sheogorath. "Sheogorath, please show Vault to his room. He is to stay there but make sure that he has everything he needs."

With that he left through the doors of the dining room. The Sheo led Vault out of the room and up the stairs, to the second floor of the mansion. They walked along in silence along the hallway. On one side there were windows over looking the rear of the property. And upon the opposite wall were doors. They had come to the end of the hall when Sheo opened up a pair of double doors, revealing a large bedroom.

In the middle was a large four poster bed. To the left of the room were doors opening up onto a balcony. And on the opposite wall were three sets of doors. He pulled him along to the door in the middle. He opened it up to reveal another room about the quarter of the size of the other room. There was a queen sized bed in the middle of the room and a small wardrobe, but that was all. There was one small window that gave very little light to the room.

"This is Ilex's room, and this will be where you wait for him when he is gone. If you need to take a bath, it's the door to the left. I will be back in an hour to check on you" Sheo said before he gave him a quick hug, and then disappearing. He locked the double doors behind him.

Vault smiled softly to herself. "Now I am begining to see why I dont like Ilex around me..." she thought to himself, "But what if..." The fear of Ilex might do began to fill his mind. He went to the wardrobe and found a silky rose suite, and took it with him to the bathroom. Quickly he cleaned himself off, and changed into the suit. It was a little too big for him and revealed a lot of his tatoos. He left the room carrying the suit that He traveled in

Ilex was just entering the room when he was making his way to his bedside. Ilex was tired from his trip, but the site of his new toy brought a renewal of energy to him. His eyes wandered from his face, followed along his muscular frame, and finally back up to his face. He smiled and began to walk towards him unbuttoning his shirt. Revealing a broad, well formed chest, muscled but not to the point in which he was as hard as stone. This was a chest in which Vault would soon find comfort.

Vaults’s eyes looked upon the oak floors. He listened as he took a couple of long strides towards him. He could feel as he softly placed his fingers under his chin, lifting his lips upward to meet up with his own. His other hand wrapping around his waist pulling Vault closer towards him. His tongue caressed his mouth, tasting every part of it.
"I missed you..." he said softly trailing kiss's over his neck and up towards his right ear, gently biting his earlobe. He pushed him gently onto the bed, breaking the kiss for just a moment.
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Goh Aas

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Fiction. Ilex <3 Vault   Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:30 pm

((My girlfriend looked over my shoulder while I was reading this. She said she LUXURY CRUISE ships this.))
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Fan Fiction. Ilex <3 Vault
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