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 General Rules.

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Lord Vault

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PostSubject: General Rules.   Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:26 pm

1. Rp is always in local, ooc is always in group (exception is if you need to address someone not in the group. But personal conversations should be whispered)

2. Cursing is allowed, though please becareful on terms you use, remember we have roleplayers that are children. I don't care if you are one yourself and you curse not everyone does. So if anyone asks you to stop. YOU WILL.

3. Do I have to mention powerplaying? We will have none of it. Suggestive injuries are okay as well as actions but in case you aren't sure what powerplaying is it includes but is not limited to : telling someone they are injured, using elemental or other forces that are unrealistic to the rp, never being injured, dodging absolutely everything (WITHOUT good explanation), not allowing the other player to respond to the attack, and of course simply just stating "dodges" or "miss".

4. If you are oocly asked to stop doing something by a higher rank. Stop. If its IC, do what you want but understand your character may or may not face consequences.

5. Keep OOC in OOC and IC in IC. If someone tells you that character "holly" likes your character "Masacre" OOCLY( like a douche) you can't have "Masacre" walk ICLY and say "Hey Tigger said you liked me is that true?" No magical all knowing powers like that! If you don't get along with someone ICLY because its just your character make up thats fine, but NEVER take it out on someone OOCLY. Kapeesh?

6. If either leader is on. You have to say hello ]:< If you want too e3e

7. No neon/winged/ half-species (Like oh I'm part hyena la-ti-dah!), or other unrealistic things. (EXCEPTION: I don't care what your markings are as long as you can convince me its a lion and others can tell as well.)

8. Don't disrespect other roleplayers or their rp styles. I myself do not particularily like "wolfspeak" but it happens let it go. If you don't understand someone just ask them. Likewise you wolfspeakers need to tolerate other players that like to write in "novel", "Storybook", "classic" , or other modes. No Bullies.

9. (In regards to ooc) no discrimination based on race, religion, orientation, or other life style choices of the players. You character can hate any of the above but I don't want to hear your opinion on such topics oocly.

10. Absolutely no trolling. If you are found out trolling while on a character in this pride you will get only one warning.

11. Every time you post something during rp, keep the length to, three or more sentences long and make sure it is considered literate and has the correct grammar and spelling. Yes, we all make mistakes though, so don't go to hard on yourself if you don't know how to spell a certain word.

12. Having decent grammar applies to OOC chat too.

13. When you are posting something as a conflict, do not bring it into OOC (Out of Character) if it will cause drama in OOC. If you would like to comment something like a joke, it is fine to do so. Do NOT take anything mean in roleplay towards you seriously. It is just roleplay, they do not actually mean that.

14. DO NOT, I repeat do not post-cut for any reason. It is fine if it accidently happens or you forgot about it or for any reason, but if you keep it up you might be banned and will be warned. Yes, we all make mistakes or the enter button decides to do what it wants but it can get to a point of annoyance to others.

15. If you have something to post in any other chat besides Group Chat and it is OOC, please use the symbols listed below. But, please refrain from OOC used in any other chat but Group Chat.


16. Warning we are highly mature.
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General Rules.
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